Did you know that pork cuts, such as fillet and loin medallions aren’t just quick and easy to cook, but also low in saturated fat and are just as healthy as chicken breasts.*

Affordably Healthy Recipes under £1.50 pp**

Perfect for feeding you or your family on a budget.

Find out more health facts about pork on our Nutrition and Did you know? pages.

*Both pork and chicken are naturally rich in protein.  Protein helps muscle growth.  This relates to pork loin medallions and fillet medallions trimmed of visible fat and to skinless chicken breast.

**Cost per serving based on proportion of ingredients used to make the dish. Total cost of ingredients calculated based on average price across four British supermarkets. Prices correct as of 03/06/2024; but are subject to change due to fluctuations in ingredient prices.

Pork is a great value protein.

The average cost per kg of pork is cheaper than then average cost per kg of beef and lamb*

*Source : Kantar sales data 12 w/e 9th June 2024

Average Price over 12 weeks in all retailers.

Kantar average price of meat data for week ending 9th June 2024