Slices of pork with noodles in a ramen

Myth: “I always think of pork as fatty and unhealthy to eat”

Truth: Whilst many people think of pork as fatty, like with all meats, there are cuts which are leaner than others. For example pork fillet medallions and loin medallion are actually low in fat and low in saturated fat.  To read more about the healthy attributes of pork, visit the pork and healthy eating page


Pulled pork joint with crackling and vegetables on a serving board

Myth: “Pork seems to be tough, is pork better slow cooked? ​

Truth: Pork is a delicious and juicy meat, but has in the past suffered a poor reputation due to excessive overcooking of certain cuts.  Whilst some cuts of pork just get even tastier the longer they are cooked – the shoulder joint for pulled pork is a great example here – other, leaner cuts of pork which are low in fat and low saturated fat do not require as much cooking, and can easily be overcooked. Overcooking any meat will make it dry, tough and chewy and pork is no different.