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28 April 2020

Batch Cooking for the Family

As we’re all adjusting to our ‘new normal’, we wanted to share some recipes that are not only a hit with the family, but lend themselves very well to batch cooking.

Batch cooking can mean different things to different people. Some precook large portions of core ingredients (like sauces or meat), which can be used in different recipes and combinations, whilst others make multiple portions of the same dish and freeze some for another day.

However, conscious that food shopping is very different at the moment, we’ve shared some of the best recipes we’ve found that are great to make a little more of, and then freeze for a later date – or to leave on someone’s doorstep.

Dig into our pork meal prep recipes below.

Always remember to:

  • Cool quickly and transfer into a plastic food container with a lid, or into a plastic freezer bag, and label. Once cooled, transfer to the freezer.
  • To defrost, transfer to the bottom of the fridge and defrost overnight.
  • To serve, reheat thoroughly under a low heat or microwave (in a covered microwavable dish) until piping hot throughout.
  • Remember, do not reheat previously reheated defrosted dishes.

Pulled Pork 

To make amazing pulled pork at home, look for a pork shoulder joint. Cooked either using a slow cooker overnight or in the oven on low and slow during the day when you’re working, home schooling, volunteering or just finding things to do!

You can use pulled pork in a variety of ways, like Pulled Pork with Potato Wedges, or for something a little spicy why not try Pulled Pork Shoulder Chilli Con Carne?

For any leftover pulled pork, why not get the kids involved and get them making their own pizzas? These Leftover Pulled Pork Pizza with Peppers are a really versatile way to use up any pulled pork as you can swap ingredients in and out, using whatever cheeses and veg you have available in the fridge or cupboard.


Sausages are an incredibly versatile product, as they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. They're perfect for batch cooking on a budget, and a family favourite.

Eaten either as sausages, or by removing them from their skins, the sausage meat can be used just like mince. Sausages usually come in a whole variety of flavours, and can adapt really well to a wealth of dishes and cuisines. Like this Chilli Sausage Casserole with Beans, which is great for batch cooking.  

Our Sausage Bolognese is a great way to hide extra veg in a meal for any picky eaters, or to generally boost your 5-a-day intake.  Or, if you’re looking for a bit of a Saturday night ‘fakeaway’, this One-Pot Sausage Jambalaya with Spring Onions is a winner! Swap the cloves and turmeric out for sweet chilli sauce and mango chutney as a more ‘store cupboard’ friendly alternative.



Bacon, like sausages, are a great all-rounder, plus the longer shelf life is a huge plus point at the moment.  OK, so not really a ‘batch cooking’ idea, but this Sweet Cured Bacon Hash with Spring Greens is a bit of us! An ideal lunch and a great way to use up leftovers, this dish is bound to warm anyone’s soul.