raw boneless pork leg joint

Leg Joint

A great 1 or 2 person mini roast suitable for a quick midweek dinner in one roasting pan.

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raw diced leg of pork


Dice or cubes of pork come from off cuts from the leg muscle.

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raw strips of pork leg

Stir Fry Strips

Stir fry strips are often very lean and are from off cuts from the leg.

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Slices of baked ham served on top of a fresh salad, on a white plate


Is the cooked version of gammon.

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Boneless rolled joint of gammon

Gammon Joint

A cured meat, usually from the leg joint. Like bacon it needs to be cooked before it is eaten.

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Two gammon steaks

Gammon Steak

The gammon steak is taken from the pork leg, sold raw and requires cooking.

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