Pick Pork for a midweek meal in minutes - as seen on TV!

We've developed six new quick and easy pork recipes using pork medallions, pork fillets and pork loin steaks. The delicious recipes feature flavours from around the world, to help you break up with boring and mix up your midweek meals.

Most of these easy recipes can be cooked in under 30 minutes. Why not give them a go?

Get inspired by food bloggers

Pork is incredibly popular across the world and used in a variety of dishes. Click here to see popular food bloggers, the Dumpling Sisters and Taming Twins, get cooking with pork Cantonese-style – using quick-to-cook pork loin medallions. Click here to see food blogger Hari Ghotra show mummy blogger Emily Leary (A Mummy Too) how to cook up a delicious South Indian Coconut-Pork Curry – using pork loin steak or fillet.

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Get the recipes here: Easy Pork Schnitzels and Caribbean Pork Loin Medallions


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Did you know?...

You can remove the fat from a pork steak to create a pork medallion

Pork fillet medallions and pork loin medallions are becoming more widely available in supermarkets now but if you can’t get hold of them then choose a pork steak instead.

You can either cut the fat off to get a pork medallion or cook it as it is. All our medallion recipes work for loin steaks too or click here for loin steak recipes.

Confused by all the different pork cuts available?