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We at LovePork have some top hints, tips and ideas to keep the festive season stress free.

Christmas recipes collection​

Here you will find everything you need for a festive feast!

We've included our favourite Christmas gammon recipes, tasty pulled pork dishes, ideal for a Boxing day feast and some great party food ideas, perfect for a get-together with the family. 

Our delightful festive favourites await...

Christmas gammon & ham​

If there’s one time of year in particular which makes you think of gammon, and succulent cuts of ham, it has got to be Christmas.

Browse through our handpicked range of glorious gammon recipes to try for yourself...

Pulled pork this Christmas​

Our Pulled pork at Christmas is an absolute winner. Firstly, it tastes delicious, it can be cooking while you are partying (or sleeping!), as there is not much effort involved and crucially at Christmas, you can usually feed a crowd for less than £1 per head.

Our Festive Feast pulled pork recipes...