The tradition of serving a Christmas ham or festive gammon joint dates back hundreds of years. As pork is such a versatile meat, gammon and ham can be paired with a number of delicious flavours, sweet, tangy or salty, and serves as the perfect complement to the traditional turkey and other favourite festive side dishes.


Gammon flavour pairings

For a sweet take on your Christmas gammon, try a classic maple or honey glaze, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try a festive combination of ginger and clementine, as featured in our recipe for roasted gammon with ginger beer, ginger glaze and clementine relish. If a traditional ‘crowd pleaser’ is what you’re looking for there is no finer pairing than gammon or ham with mustard. Plus, if you have any leftovers after your Christmas dinner, you can easily use up any leftover gammon or ham in a number of ways. You can serve a traditional leftover bubble and squeak, add any gammon or ham to a savoury Christmas tart, or even make a healthy salad after all that festive excess!


How to cook gammon 

If you’re looking for inspiring Christmas ham or Christmas gammon recipes browse through our handpicked range of glorious gammon fuelled recipes to try for yourself. There are also a number of different cooking techniques; gammon can be boiled, roasted or alternatively boiled and roasted, so take a look at our how to cook gammon guide if you’re not certain about the different cooking methods.