Where to Shop


The meat you see in your local butchers usually comes from a farm in the area. Locally sourced meat ultimately means the journey from the farm to fork is short and therefore the meat is super fresh.  Produce for butchers will be sourced on a much smaller scale than supermarkets.  This often results in high quality meat and you’ll more than likely see a higher price point than pork from a supermarket.


Pre-packed supermarket pork carry labels with a ‘use by date’.  These labels are used on perishable foods that can go off quickly.  Do stick to the dates applied to the product you purchase.

raw pork t-bone chop

What to look for

Now that you have chosen where to buy pork, you need to know what to look out for so that you’re getting maximum value for money. Taking a minute to read the label can often help decipher some of the details.

The label describes the primal cut where it was taken from, packaging date, use-by dates, weight and description (bone-in or boneless) which will give you a much better idea of quality, serving size and value for money.

In terms of inspecting the meat itself, here are a few points to look for:

  • Well-trimmed, creamy and blemish-free fat around the edges
  • Some – but not too much – fat running through the meat
  • Pink meat with a white or greyish tint
  • Meat that’s firm to touch, moist but not slimy

What to choose

You’ve chosen the source, you know what to look out for, but what do you choose? Well, this is very dependant on what you have planned. Whether you’re rustling up a hangover-destroying breakfast consisting of juicy bacon and sausages, or something more formal like, perhaps – the good news is we have loads of innovative recipe collections for all occasions.