Pork Cuts

Pork Cuts loin leg fillet belly shoulder

Dice or cubes of pork come from off cuts from the leg muscle.


Typically used forĀ grilling, barbecuing, frying and slow cooking.

Grilling andĀ barbecuing
Kebabs - Thread 3-4 pieces onto long skewers (if wooden pre-soak in water to prevent burning).
Place skewers on preheated BBQ or grill pan and cook for 12-15 minutes, turning occasionally
For a tasty marinade try:
Spiced Mango And Yogurt: 30ml (2tbsp) medium curry powder, 15ml (1tbsp) mango chutney and 45ml (3tbsp) natural yogurt

Slow cooking
Slow cooking can be done on the hob or in the oven, and allows the meat and vegetables (approx 350g (12oz) chunky root vegetables and 150ml (1/4 pt) liquid (eg stock, wine, cider, beer or water) per 450g (1lb) of meat) to simmer slowly, ideal for tenderising some of the tougher cuts. Cook in either a large heavy-based saucepan or an ovenproof casserole dish with a tigh fitting lid.
Stewing is the hob method, for cubes, in which all the ingredients are cooked in liquid, which when added just covers all the ingredients.
Casseroling is the oven method of stewing and to prevent it drying out should be cooked on a low heat - Gas 3, 170oC, 325oF for about 1- 1 1/2 hrs).