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3 March 2020


A versatile ingredient, sausages lend themselves to a variety of dishes. They are showcased in the classic ‘bangers and mash’, and they’re always welcome at a barbecue. They are also great in the winter months in stews and casseroles.  Celebrity chefs such as Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver, and Gordon Ramsay can often be found to be singing their praises. And the same can even be said of movie stars, including the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, and Michael Caine, the latter of whom said, “forget caviar, sausages are the food of the rich and famous”!

Take a look at our guide on how to make your own sausages and our collection of delicious, inspiring sausage recipes.

Sausage varieties

There are literally hundreds of varieties enjoyed around the world, whether dried, cured, smoked, or otherwise. For us, though, nothing beats a good, traditional sausage, packed full of succulent pork meat, herbs and spices. The history of the humble sausage dates back thousands of years, right back to the ancient Sumerian civilisation of around 5500 BC, making it one of the most enduringly foods of all time.  Take a look at our run-down of different types of sausages.


Sausage facts

There are instances of sausages being mentioned in Ancient Greek writings dating back as early as 500 BC, and we also know they were a staple of the Roman diet, and in fact our word for ‘sausage’ actually stems from the Latin word, ‘salsus’, which means ‘salted’. In modern Italian they’re called ‘Salsiccia’, the French call them ‘Saucisse’, and to Germans they’re ‘Wurst’. No matter what you call them, sausages are delicious and make for a hearty addition to any meal.  Check out more fun sausage facts!


Sausage recipes



Sausage Etiquette

Socialite and gentleman Mark Francis takes us under his immaculately dressed wing to share his five rules to achieving sausage greatness. Watch him in our video before heading out to purchase your sausages of distinction!