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Bacon Cuts

"Although nothing compares to the flavour of bacon, there’s always a question of which cut to go for. Whether you’re after a great bacon butty or a more substantial meal, the perfect bacon cut is out there, so why not get to know a bit more about the best cut for your dish?"


Is making a resurgence, especially within independent retailers. It’s an excellent joint for boiling or braising, though it must be well soaked before cooking. It can also be sliced into rashers.

Back Bacon Rashers

This cut/joint is usually sold as rashers or chops. Thinly cut for rashers, thicker for chops which are delicious fried, grilled or baked. A larger piece can be used for boiling, braising or roasting.

Middle Bacon Rashers

These rashers consist of back and streaky bacon all in one place. Therefore, middle bacon rashers are perfect for the breakfast plate, in addition to being an excellent buy economically.

Streaky Bacon Rashers

A popular favourite, offering a tasty combination of lean bacon with fat, best grilled. A joint of streaky bacon is good boiled and pressed, eaten cold. Streaky bacon is especially good value for money.
Whether you prefer your bacon thickly or thinly sliced, let your butcher know your preference, so they can cut some for you to suit your bacon dish or individual taste.