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Bacon is one of the most popular foods in the world and has managed to infiltrate almost every aspect of popular foodie culture thanks to its versatility.  And when you consider how delicious it is, it’s hardly surprising.


Curing and smoking bacon

Bacon comes in many different shapes, sizes, cuts, cures and varieties, which is possibly why it’s so popular. The four main types of curing include dry curing, traditional Wiltshire curing, maple curing, and sweet curing. Some people might think that smoked bacon is a cure, but in fact it’s a flavour that is given after the curing process. All bacon is cured pork.

The flavour imparted by smoking varies greatly depending on the type of wood used in the process. One of the most popular types of smoked bacon is Oak Smoked, but you can also get Beech, Cherry, Applewood and Hickory smoked bacon, which are also delicious.   We have more on different bacon cures if you want to find out more.


Popular types of bacon

When it comes to types of bacon, the most popular are back bacon, streaky bacon and middle bacon. Back bacon is the most widely used bacon cut in the UK, as it is a much leaner cut of bacon, with a meaty, ham-like texture, making it ideal for bacon sandwiches! Streaky bacon comes from the pork belly, and has layers of fat running through it, which helps add to the flavour, and gives a nice texture when cooked crispy. Middle bacon is probably a little less well-known, and combines back and streaky bacon all in one cut.   We have more on different bacon cuts if you want to find out more.


A versatile ingredient

Not only is bacon delicious in its own right, it’s also an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used to add flavour, depth and texture to a number of dishes. Another string in bacon’s versatility bow is, bacon can be enjoyed as part of any meal throughout the day, or as a snack. It’s possibly most recognised as a breakfast menu item, either in sandwiches or as part of a Full English. At lunchtime in dishes such as soup or salad. It’s also a firm favourite on sandwich menus – customers will often see bacon BLT’s, chicken club sandwiches or bacon and cheese varieties. At dinner you can add it to other meat dishes and vegetable recipes with delicious effect, it works so well with delicate flavours too, such as scallops and white fish. In fact, we have plenty of mouth-watering bacon recipes to get you inspired.