How to cook pork medallions

The trick for a tender and juicy medallion is not to overcook it.  A nice technique is the tenderise, sear and bake method.

Tenderise:  Tenderise the meat between cling film and flattening it with a rolling pin, or bottom of a pan, before cooking. The ideal thickness of a piece of meat is 1cm.

Sear: Fry in a pan for 3 minutes

Bake: Turn the medallion over, then pop them in the oven to bake for a further 7 minutes or until juices run clear

A quick 10 minute marinade with a pre-bought seasoning and vegetable oil can also help tenderise the meat before cooking. Medallions should be cooked until there is no pink and the juices run clear.

How to remove the fat from a steak to create a medallion

Pork fillet medallions and loin medallions are becoming more widely available in supermarkets now but if you can’t get hold of them then choose a pork steak instead. You can either cut the fat off to get a medallion or cook it as it is and all our recipes work for loin steaks too.