OurPulled pork at Christmas is an absolute winner. Firstly, it tastes delicious, it can be cooking while you are partying (or sleeping!), as there is not much effort involved and crucially at Christmas, you can usually feed a crowd for less than £1 per head.


Pulled pork works well in butties for Christmas party food ideas, or as a relaxed main meal on Boxing Day, when the last thing anyone wants to do is slave in the kitchen all day! Here are some of our favourite festive Pulled Pork recipe ideas, along with some great recipe ideas for leftovers!

Here are some other fabulous pulled pork recipes that are sure to be a winner this festive season.


Our Festive Feast pulled pork recipe for the ultimate crowd pleaser can be found here 

For a more traditional pork, apple and sage sensation, this pulled pork recipe will be a winner! Click here to tempt your taste buds!

For something a little different, try this Moroccan style take on pulled pork, full recipe here.


OK, so pulled pork is a great asset to the Christmas dinner party scene, but let’s not forget a Gammon joint is as Christmassy as Santa and Rudolph. So many different flavours work so well with gammon, from spicy jerk to more traditional glazes. Here are some of our favourites;