10 top Christmas party food ideas for the festive season

For some, Christmas is about the giving and receiving of gifts – for others, Christmas is all about the food! Eating and entertaining go hand in hand, and some would say the key to a successful Christmas party is to make sure the Christmas party food is top notch.

Although Christmas party food can either bring feelings of joy and delight, thinking of all the tiny tasty morsels of indulgent bliss, for some the very thought of feeding a crowd and coming up with a dazzling table of innovative Christmas party food ideas can bring on a cold sweat!

So, we at LovePork want to help you make your Christmas party food something memorable and loved by your guests and have come up with a guide for some Christmas food ideas we think you will love!



  1. Sausage Rolls – a must for any self-respecting Christmas party food ensemble!
  2. Glazed gammon – a real crowd pleaser and oh so versatile!
  3. Bacon Dippers – bacon, asparagus and gooey cheese – nothing more needs to be said!
  4. Party Sausages – a great one for the kids!
  5. Mini pork pies – these mini pork pies with caramelised onion are bound to send your guests into a frenzy
  6. Gammon tart – nothing quite says Christmas like gammon, cranberry and chestnuts, and this dish has all three!
  7. Sticky pork ribs with Hoisin sauce – probably one for a smaller crowd, but it’s bound to put a smile on their faces!
  8. Pulled pork – a great one to feed many people, and the best part is that it’s so easy!
  9. Bacon muffins – yes, you read it correctly, Bacon Muffins with onion and basil make a delicious handheld treat
  10. Fruity Pork Kebabs – stick these beauties to your guests, the refreshing fruit is a welcome amongst all the Christmas party food indulgence

pork-apple-cheese-wheelsroast-pork-rosemary-caramelised-applesPork Sausage Bakewells With lincolnshire Pork Sausage, Apple And Cheese