Valentine’s Day

Don’t let Valentine’s Day be a disaster, let LovePorkMan save the day!


Love it or love to-hate-it, Valentine’s Day rolls around every year. And while we at LovePork like to spread the love every day, for many there is a certain romantic expectation for February 14th.

Now we’re not suggesting fairy tale Valentine’s Days which include being whisked away for a romantic break, or gifts that need their own security guards (although that would be nice), no, we’re suggesting a more down-to-earth approach.

If you’re stuck for ideas as to how to make your Valentine’s Day more ‘cosy’ than ‘cheesy’ and more authentic – then LovePorkMan is here to come to your rescue to help make Valentine’s Day more achievable, affordable and delicious!
Prior to the day:
•Buy a card – even the most time-poor can order one online! Or, if you can’t make it to the shops make one!
•Say it with flowers. Try to avoid ones smelling of car fumes from the side of the road!
•Surprise them with muffins or brownies for their commute/work day (recipe ideas here)
•If buying a gift, make it something thoughtful and inspired – like a photobook of all your favourite times together. Try to avoid buying any kind of domestic items like irons and toasters
•For a gift from the heart, write them a poem – be it funny or romantic, they are bound to appreciate the effort!
•Create the perfect playlist – music provides atmosphere – and this could also double as a thoughtful gift (like the mix-tapes of old)

On the day:
•Cook them a delicious meal (recipe ideas here) & pair it with whatever drink you both desire.
•Set a beautiful table for your evening meal – think flowers, candles, and maybe even the fancy linen you both only get out for ‘special occasions’
•If work commitments or life mean you can’t be together, send them a video message via Skype or Facetime.


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