Slow Cooker Recipes

What could be better than coming home from work and tea is practically made for you? No, we’re not suggesting you hire a personal chef – we’re talking slow cookers.

Slow cookers are perfect for winter warmers like soups, stews, casseroles and curries, there are just a few simple ‘golden rules’ to follow to achieve ultimate cooking smugness!

1. Be kind to yourself and opt for recipes that don’t need a lot of prep work. If they do, do your peeling and chopping the night before, so you’re not trying to avoid onion tears dropping in your breakfast cereal

2. Buy the right cut of meat. As meat is cooked slowly, it lends itself to more economical cuts of meat like pork shoulder – a double bonus!

3. While it’s important that your recipe doesn’t dry out, don’t be tempted to put extra liquid into your recipes. The moisture can not evaporate away like when you cook on the hob, so you may need to adjust your recipes slightly

4. Leave it alone. Slow cookers have not changed their design much since their introduction in the ’70’s  – because they work so well. Let it do it’s thing and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Always ensure your food is thoroughly cooked before eating it. We’ve got a rough guide below to help you decide how long you need to cook your favourite recipes in the slow cooker for;

If a dish usually takes:

  • 15 – 30 mins, cook it for 1 – 2 hours on High or 4 – 6 hours on Low
  • 30 mins – 1 hour, cook it for 2 – 3 hours on High or 5 – 7 hours on Low
  • 1 – 2 hours, cook it for 3 – 4 hours on High or 6 – 8 hours on Low
  • 2 – 4 hours, cook it for 4 – 6 hours on High or 8 – 12 hours on Low