Pulled Pork TV Advert

Meet the Watsons. Slightly quirkier than your average family perhaps but, like any other clan, they crave the idyllic lazy Sunday the weekend promises but rarely delivers. The Watsons are the superheroes of chill, letting pulled pork take the strain as they go about their Sundays exactly as they please, knowing that the delicious aroma of pulled pork will soon be flooding their nostrils and making the neighbours jealous.

See our own quirky family, the Watsons, do it like pros in our new TV ad.


Phil (Dad)

Meet the undisputed heavyweight champion of chill. Phil ‘The Papa’ Watson nearly wrote the book on maxing and relaxing, but he fell asleep. All week he works for ‘the man’ in the big city. But on Sunday, Phil is to be found cruising round the neighbourhood in his trusty comfy chair with his faithful sidekick, Max the dog. With Pulled Pork slow cooking in the oven he can’t fail to ‘Achieve Lazy.’

Phil’s favourite recipe: The classic – Paprika Pulled Pork.


Gill (Mum)

The family would fall apart without Mum conducting life’s chaotic concerto. Sunday is her sacred time for taking it easy and spending some quality time with the kids. With Dad taking care of the pulled pork, Mum can enjoy a day doing the gardening as only she knows.

Gill’s favourite recipe: Pulled Pork With Caramelised Apples And Sage.


Jenny (Girl)

Jenny is a concentrated bundle of energy, she brings a whole new meaning to the word overachiever. When she puts her mind to something, nothing’s gonna stop her. But even Jenny needs to relax and recline from time to time, however. A laid back Sunday with Pulled Pork is exactly what the doctor of delicious ordered.

Jenny’s favourite recipe: Pulled Pork Ragu.


Harry (Boy)

This kid is the most easy going of them all. So much so his friends nicknamed him ‘Horizontal Harry.‘ On a Sunday you can find Harry way back in his beanbag playing ping-pong, or working up an appetite practicing his bass guitar in the basement. When dinner time comes he loves nothing more than delicious melt in your mouth Pulled Pork sliders.

Harry’s favourite recipe: Smokey Barbecue Pulled Pork Sliders.


Noah (Baby)

Noah does what all babies do best, kick back in a bouncer and snooze Sunday away. When he’s not fast asleep Noah dreams of taking over the world with his favourite blue robot! He loves the weekend more than anything when he gets to play with his cool older brother and sister.

Noah’s favourite recipe: Slow Cooked Pulled Pork.


Max (Dog)

Max is one clever canine. He knows that there’s more to life than frantically chasing the midweek stick of madness. His weekend walkies are where it’s really at! The feeling of his ears flapping in the fresh air as the world passes by in slow motion. Returning for an afternoon snooze in the kitchen with the rich aroma of Pulled Pork wafting into his nostrils. Bliss!

Max’s favourite recipe: A leftover treat!