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28 May 2020

Make it Pulled Pork

How to make Pulled Pork

Pulled pork has taken the nation by storm, but did you know that it's a rather easy dish to make at home? Whether it’s cooked in the slow cooker or in the oven, this family favourite feast can be achieved in just a few easy steps.

One of our favourite things about pulled pork, aside from its scrumptious sticky-fingered goodness, is how versatile it is. We’re sharing everything from our classic recipes, to our tasty pulled pork with a twist dishes, and even meal ideas for any leftover pulled pork you may have!

Keep reading for more on how to create delicious and irresistible pulled pork.


How to cook perfect pulled pork

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Figuring out how to make pulled pork perfectly is all in the preparation. The most important aspect is the first step: finding the right cut of meat. 

The traditional way to prepare pulled pork is from the shoulder joint. The best place to find this will likely be your local super market or butcher. You want to find a joint with a nice layer of fat on top of it which, during slow cooking, will make it extra juicy. 

Next, you need to find the right herb and spices. These can vary from recipe to recipe, but you can't go wrong with paprika, cayenne pepper, ground cumin, brown sugar and a bit of salt and pepper.

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After that, you need to cook the joint low and slow. Pre-heat your oven to 220°C and cook the joint for 30 minutes until it browns. Then reduce the temperature to 150°C, wrap the pork joint in foil and add 300ml of water before cooking for another 6 hours.

Uncover the pork joint, cook at 220°C for a further 10 minutes until crispy, then take it out of the oven, recover it with foil and let it rest for 30 minutes. 

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Let the pork sit in its juices and then pull apart with a fork. And voila, you have figured out how to make pulled pork in the tastiest way possible.

Now, how are you going to serve it? In a roll, on a pizza or in a cheesy quesadilla? If you're unsure then discover our recipes below. 

How to cook pulled pork with Jamie Coleman



Jamie Coleman, former Gordon Ramsay chef, and now Head Chef in the south, shows how to cook a simple but delicious Pulled Pork recipe. This is an easy way to make a fantastic family meal, ideal any time of year. It’s an impressive main course, and also provides tasty left-overs that you can use in a variety of other dishes too.

Perfect pulled pork recipe booklet 



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