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We LOVE BBQ season!

It looks as though the sunshine and warm weather might be here to stay! (well for the next week at least) so what better way to celebrate than to get the BBQ on the go! Think long summer evenings, family gatherings and al fresco dining with friends.

Here at LovePork we think it’s the perfect excuse to share our favourite BBQ recipes with you. We have all the classics, pulled pork, sausages and burgers but if you fancy something a little different why not try pork medallions or pork steaks.

We also have some great marinades for you to try and a couple of quick videos on how to make your pork even more tender and delicious!


National BBQ week 6th to 15th July 2018 ​

UK BBQ Week is an idea born by a group of BBQ enthusiasts who want to show more people how easy and rewarding cooking outdoors can be, 365 days a year.

UKBBQWeek has been set up to promote BBQ and encourage everyone from the young to the old, male and female to pick up the tongs and cook up some amazing BBQ food for their families and friends.

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