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Assets - Love Pork January and February 2020 Campaign

Assets for you to download and use across your channels


The Love Pork Midweek Meal campaign will run from 13th January - 23rd February 2020 with a new TV creative.

Help us spread the word about the nutritional and culinary benefits of lean, succulent, quick-to-cook cuts of tender pork - perfect for everyday cooking.



Social media graphics

These great graphics showcase health messages about pork and are for your use on your own social media channels.


YouTube Videos

Share our new recipe videos and help us encourage people to consider quick-to-cook, lean cuts of pork.  Our new Pork is Healthy animation also highlights health messages about lean cuts of pork medallions.  




Any questions or further info needed?

Contact: Peggy-Sue Elliott, Social Media Manager at AHDB [email protected] 02476 478 945