Official Hambassadors

Could this be your dream job!

We’re looking for passionate pork lovers to join Jimmy Doherty in helping us to promote the Red Tractor pork scheme. As a tasty thank you the prize will be a years supply of pork!   Interested? Listen to Jimmy’s message and then read on.

Video link here

As a Red Tractor pig farmer, Jimmy has taken up the baton on behalf of pig farmers to help educate shoppers on what the Red Tractor logo means, and the difference shoppers can make when they choose products with the Red Tractor logo on pack. Jimmy is now looking for a group of five volunteers from across England to take up the role of ‘hambassadors’ to help him on his crusade to spread the word about Red Tractor pork.

As part of their role, each Hambassador will be invited to meet Jimmy at his farm and learn more about Red Tractor pork. The hambassadors will take up the cause for Red Tractor, helping to educate people on what the symbol means and why they should look out for it.

Why people should look for the logo

Pig farmers are still struggling with high feed prices, but also from the competition of some imported pork that does not meet Red Tractor standards, so they are really feeling the squeeze. With some, sadly, leaving pig farming altogether.  Also recent events have meant consumers are more concerned than ever about what’s in their food. Not only where it comes from but assurance that it has been produced safely and responsibly. The Red Tractor logo is one way that shoppers can be sure their pork is traceable but also that it is produced by responsible farmers.

Enter Today

So if you fancy yourself as an hambassador, and have some great PR ideas then apply by emailing us at and telling us in about one page (500 words) why you think you’d make a great hambassador and what you would do to encourage people to look out for the Red Tractor logo. Below are some ideas to get your thinking but we’re sure you have loads more, which we’re waiting to hear all about!

As a hambassador, you could:

  • Write a blog or an article for your local newspaper or magazine
  • Hold an event or talk with your local butcher or Red Tractor farmer
  • Work with your local pub or café to create a menu inspired by Red Tractor pork
  • Create recipes, design a poster or even write an poem dedicated to Red Tractor pork! The sky’s the limit!

Don’t forget to include your contact details with a contact telephone number.