Introducing our passionate pork lovers!

They are joining us to promote the Red Tractor pork scheme and its farmers. We’re delighted to have them on board and look forward to sharing stories of their Hambassador endeavours over the next few months.

As part of their role, each Hambassador met Jimmy at his farm to learn more about Red Tractor pork. The hambassadors will now take up the cause for Red Tractor Pork, helping to educate people on what the symbol means and why they should look out for it.

For their induction, Jimmy put the new recruits through their paces, educating them about the day-to-day role of being a Red Tractor pig farmer and the rigorous standards they must adhere to. They were also introduced to our Master Butcher, Keith Fisher, who gave them a butchery demonstration and highlighting where the most popular pork cuts came from and how butchers and producers have to decide which cuts are best for their business.

After the induction, Laura told us: “I already champion local producers on my blog so applying to be a Hambassador was a natural step. I love pork and I’m passionate about animal welfare standards, this really is a dream job! I’m really excited about taking up my role as Hambassador and doing my part to help pig farmers. It’s been a real eye-opener to learn more about the Red Tractor scheme and I can’t wait to get started to help spread the word.”

Jimmy Doherty added: “As a Red Tractor farmer, I know all too well the pressures that many fellow pig farmers are facing due to high feed prices and imported pork. That’s why I’ve helped to recruit a team of Hambassadors on behalf of pig farmers to help spread the good word about Red Tractor pork and highlight why we should be supporting pig farmers in these times. I’m delighted to be working with Laura, Chris, Bill, Adam and Harriet, who all have that passion for quality pork we were looking for!

Check out who our Hambassadors are and what their campaigns are going to be.

Billy The Pig

Bill and Adam, based in London are setting up a joint venture named “Billy the Pig”.

They love cooking, eating and talking all things pork, and hope to set up a pop up restaurant offering a menu of pork dishes.

In the meantime they are exploring the world of pork with visits to industry events.

Recently they were invited to the Red Tractor Recruits launch, held at Alex James farm in Oxfordshire.

Read their account of the wonderful evening drinking Red Tractor cocktails and eating amazing pulled pork buns as well as finding out what other people are doing to support Red Tractor.

Chat with them @BillyThePigUK

Harriet 'The Sausagesmith'

Harriet is looking to grow her already established “Sausagesmith” sausages in Hackney.  Harriet currently makes her own sausages and hosts sausage tasting parties, and wants to expand upon this idea by learning more about making sausages and talking to businesses who want to source good sasuages.

Follow Harriet @TheSausagesmith or on Facebook at The-Sausagesmith


Laura Lavelle, is a food blogger from Shrewsbury, who loves to write about cooking from scratch, buying locally and traceability. Laura wants to develop some new pork recipes and spread the word about using Red Tractor pork within her blog posts.

Follow Laura's blog at or on Twitter @Foodie_Laura

Laura joined the recent British Sausage Week tasting event in Birmingham and with SimonRimmer tried a few of the best from the region.

See her round up blog here

Chris & Fin

Chris Doney, a YouTube enthusiast known as 'DoneyKebab', from Sussex and along with his son (Fin) are great sausage and bacon lovers.  Through a series of You Tube mini films he will tell people to look for the Red Tractor when buying their sasuages and bacon.

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Watch Chris & Son frying up some yummy Red Tractor bacon

To support British Sausage Week Chris visited his local butcher and checked out the sausages on offer - watch now

Why should we look for the Red Tractor logo on pack

Pig farmers are still struggling with previously bought high feed prices, but also from the competition of some imported pork that does not meet Red Tractor standards, so they are really feeling the squeeze. With some, sadly, leaving pig farming altogether.  Also recent events have meant consumers are more concerned than ever about what’s in their food. Not only where it comes from but assurance that it has been produced safely and responsibly. The Red Tractor logo is one way that shoppers can be sure their pork is traceable but also that it is produced by responsible farmers.

Jimmy on his farm talking about the Red Tractor Scheme