450g (1lb)
Lean minced pork
200g (approx)
Can Red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
Spring onions, finely chopped
Red chilli, de-seeded and finely chopped

Look for the Red Tractor badge when buying pork.

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Place the burger ingredients into a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Divide the mixture into 4-6 and shape into burgers. Place on a hot preheated BBQ or under a preheated grill for 4-6 minutes each side, until cooked thoroughly.

Prepare the BBQ – preheat and wait for the coals to turn grey/white. If you have a kettle BBQ, then cook this on a higher level - if you have no adjustment then use the wire grid from your grill pan and raise the height of the grid from the coal. The grid can be raised using a heatproof material, e.g. scrunched tin foil or garden stones – make sure it’s safe and secure before you start.

Don't cook too quickly. (If it starts to burn and catch, you are too close to the coals, so either move further away, or turn down if its gas and adjustable).

Serving Suggestion

Serve on toasted ciabatta with crunchy salad and relishes of your choice...

Additional Info

If its too cold to BBQ or it rains - cook the burgers under a hot preheated grill.

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